Heirloom Happy
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Health and happiness starts here. 


Educating and empowering students, families, and communities on wellness.


For Our Students

By integrating health and wellness topics surrounding mental and physical health in fun, interactive ways, children can start building healthier habits that will last a lifetime.

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For Our Community

Communities, teams, and families see more success when they are working towards a common goal together. See how our interactive programs promote all around wellness for communities.

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For Our Parents

When it comes to being a parent, it is not only important to learn about the health of your children, but also about the health of yourself. Stay strong and well for yourself and your family.

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For Our Schools

With children spending most of their time at school, habits developed here can make a substantial difference. Looking to add the Heirloom Happy curriculum into your school or classroom?

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Building stronger communities.

Healthy eating, mindfulness, daily movement, and strong relationships all help contribute to community strength and wellness.